Well, it’s been 2 years since I started this blog. How sad!! A few friends started their own blogs and it got me thinking about this lonely, little blog. And then when I clicked on it…lo’ and behold! Look at that! 101 goals….most of which I did not accomplish and if fact, totally forgot about (I always have the best intentions. It seemed like a great idea at the time!).

Here is what I DID do….

  • Go to visit friend in Austin, TX – CHECK! Like years ago.
  • Take a family picture on top of the Space Needle – CHECK…or kind of. We went and we took at picture at the bottom. That works, right?
  • Take a family picture on top of Mt. Spokane – CHECK!
  • Take Dereck to see Snoqualimie Falls – CHECK! And it was beautiful, even if it was rainy.
  • Watch Sunday football with Dereck without complaining – CHECK!! Go Pats! I’ve not only not complained about watching football but I have become a HUGE fan. Hooray.
  • Potty train DD – CHECK! Ok, this is funny now since she is 4.
  • Teach DS to ride his bike – CHECK! Done last summer although he was scared out of his mind. Glad that is over.
  • Read 2 books in 2 different genres I would normally not read – CHECK!
  • Paint living room, hall, bathroom, kitchen – HALF CHECK – the living room and hallways got painted at least.
  • Read/listen to 50 books every year – CHECK! My goal now is 100 books a year. And I keep track, 3 years now. I have a new goal of reviewing some books too…..so you’ll see that, I am sure!
  • Find a babysitter other than best friend – CHECK! Does my Mom count?
  • Buy Shock season tickets and go to every game – CHECK!!!! Highlight of the summer!
  • Buy DD her first jersey – CHECK, by default. Booby can’t wear his Pats jersey anymore so it is now Moo’s.

[Side note, for those that don’t know – Booby is the son. Moo is the daughter. I’m leary of posting their names out in cyberspace. If you follow me on Facebook, these nicknames will be familiar.]

12 out of 1001 in 2 years. Well, it’s something. Maybe I’ll move to monthly goals. That seems more feasible.

Life has been wacky the past year. With health issues, periods of time where I couldn’t work and just life happening around me, I’m happy to start 2011. Bye 2010 – glad to see you leave! 2011 has to be better, right?

I’ve got a lot to say, a lot on my mind and a lot of things I want to do. So hopefully my next post won’t be in 2 years. 🙂

Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes, but I’ll work it out.” ~ Dave Mathews Band


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