Another day, another blog.

Wow.  2 days in a row.  Well golly gee – I am besides myself.  Beside myself??  Ahhh. neither sounds right anyway so how about…….I am surprised.

So talking with my BFF last night…(or emailing, which is what we do because I hate to talk on the phone) and decided that instead of having a huge list of 101 things, I am going to try to accomplish 1 goal per month.  That seems a lot more doable, don’t you think?

So this month, my goal is to record all of my food.  That is everything.  Anything I put in my mouth.  No matter what.

My New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight.  Very original.  But… this will help. I am sure that you will hear more about this as the days go on.

In other news…….my daughter was sick last night.  Sick in the head, I think.  Granted, she did have a fever and threw up once.  Once.  But she is so scared of throwing up that she woke me up many times last night “Mommy, I have to throw up” just to stand in the bathroom and do nothing.  It was a test, I am led to believe.  A test of patience.  I think I passed except this morning she woke me up and I stayed in bed.  I DID listen though.  Nothing happened so I feel totally justified.

And, by the way, she is fine this morning.

So it is Saturday and I get to spend some time with the BFF and then with the TV watching football.  Tomorrow is Patriots Sunday.  GO PATS!

Now, back to the kids who have turned on WipeOut and I must watch to get my laughs in today.


One thought on “Another day, another blog.

  1. Wipeout is so funny! :)Poor little Moo…though I definitely don't blame you for wanting to stay in bed.And I like being special and invited to read this! Yay! :)I think recording everything you eat sounds daunting…but really informative! Best of luck!

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