Day 1 – Introduce Yourself

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”  ~ Dr. Seuss

I figured I would start with this one in the challenge since it is easy. 🙂

I’m Andrea.  And there it is….I’ve now introduced myself. 

Alright….fine.  lol

My name is Andrea.

I am married to the love of my life – Dereck.

We’ve been married for 12 1/2 years and have been together for 13 1/2 years.  We met online, through AOL (back in the good ol’ days) because I had the words New Orleans in my profile.  See, at the time, I was obsessed with Anne Rice books and as you might know, she writes her novels set in New Orleans (or used to at least).  So.  He did a search one day, I popped up.  He sent me the cheesiest email ever….and apparently that was the trick.  What can I say, I love some cheese.  We talked constantly for months when we decided to meet so I flew down there.  Of course, NOW I realize that maybe that wasn’t the best idea.  But….it worked out. Uhhh – Moo will NEVER do this, FYI.  🙂  But from that day in the airport, I knew 100%, absolutely sure, that I had finally found “The One”.  He’s perfect for me – funny, sweet, helpful, freaking smart!  While we are most definitely two different people with two very different set of interests….I think that is what makes it work.

Anyway.  After 4 years of marriage we were blessed with this…..

Boobs (which is a nickname he hates but is stuck with) is 8, smart, gorgeous, funny.  He is sensitive and he loves his Daddy something awful.  I am surprised by him every single day – how smart he is or by his thought process.  His latest thing is chess.  Chess?!  While I know people play this game every day….I’ve never played it.  And we don’t play it at home.  But he loves it.  And he plays it at school with his buddies.  And he is good.  I am going to be VERY sad the day that he finds something he isn’t good at.

After Boobs was born, we started to realize that New Orleans was not where we wanted to raise him.  I should say, we didn’t want him to go through the New Orleans school system.  When he was 2 1/2, we made the move back to my hometown in WA.  I don’t know how different he would be had we stayed in New Orleans….but I know I am happier that he (and Moo now) is here. My biggest worry for him now is how he likes school (he believes that he doesn’t need any schooling until high school.  lol).

When Boobs was 4, we found out about this bundle….

Moo is 4.  She is hilarious.  She is a ham and LOVES, absolutely LOVES, her big brother.  She is smart, beautiful and can break my heart with just one tear.  She is a girly girl for sure…but can be a tomboy if Boobs is doing something else.  She loves her Barbies and dressing up and wants to be married with 2 kids.  She has a eerie sense of direction.  She can know where we are going, or where we are, for places we haven’t been to in forever….or places we went once.  It’s amazing.

Luckily, both kids have the brain of their Father.  I have no fears of how they will fare in school.  They also have the heart of their Mother and are sensitive and loving kids.  Who love to read.  Yay!!

As for me, I love to read.  This is my biggest love.  I read everything – although it has to have a love story of some kind in it for me to really get into it.  Right now, anything paranormal is on my reading list.  Or anything historical.  Margaret George and Diana Gabaldon are my favorites!  I also love Sandra Brown.  While I would adore spending every penny in the bookstore, I mostly use the library system.  I’ve read a million more books this way.  Although I have to admit, the library book sales have to be my favorite. 🙂

What else.  I’ve had some medical issues as of late.  I don’t want to go into it here (for now…or yet….) but it’s definitely effecting our lives.  So that is something about me.

I am lucky to be blessed with an amazing family – both my little family and my other family.  My Mom and Dad are awesome!  My brother and sister-in-law are supportive.  My grandparents are an inspiration.  My cousins are amazing (well – just the ones who don’t root for crappy football teams HAHA.  I kid.).  I have a wonderful extended family – step-Dad and his wife, two step-sisters.  And while Dereck’s family are far away and even though we don’t talk to all of them all of the time, I truly feel like if we needed something, most of them would be there for us. 

So………there you go.  I hope that answers all of your burning questions about me.

Now, back to licking my wounds.  And trying to avoid ANY Patriots conversation.

Pictures courtesy of my wonderful step-Dad – Steve King.


4 thoughts on “Day 1 – Introduce Yourself

  1. What a good introduction! I didn't know that you and Dereck had met online – AOL of all things, haha! And wow…I can't believe you just flew down to meet him! Glad it all worked out so well. 🙂

  2. Yeah, when can I add you to my blogroll? I haven't b/c you said you were giving this out to a "select few" and I didn't think putting you on a blogroll was the right thing to do in such a case. 🙂

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