Back to the scheduled list

I’ve been sick the last few days so I apologize for the few days without a post.  Migraines suck.  And they really suck when they don’t go away and prevent someone from eating.  I like to eat, obviously, so the not eating part is not good.

Anyway…….figured I would get back to the blog challenge for this one.

Day 26 – Your fears
1.  I have an irrational fear of spiders.  I don’t know why or how this started but I won’t kill them and I cry for Dereck to be my hero every time.  This has rubbed off on Moo and she is now scared of spiders also.  Like mother like daughter.

2.  Swimming in any water other than pool water.   I don’t want anything to touch my feet, legs, etc.  And I have seen enough cheesy sci-fi movies to know what lies below the murky depths.  Sharktopus anyone???  I’ll do it, for the greater good of my kids.  But I am most definitely NOT a fan.

3.  Flying cockroaches.  Seriously, if you have encountered these…you know what I mean.

4.  Losing my kids.  This is going to be sad for my kids as I have no plans to ever let them go to school on their own.  Ever. 

5.  My parents dying.  Ok yes, they are going to.  Everyone does.  But what will I do without them?  I get a little freaky thinking about it.

I guess that is about it.  I have other “quirks” that almost fall into this category, I am sure.  I don’t like to be shut up in a closed car with people breathing.  Yes – I know……I didn’t say these were rational?  I am ok if the car is moving.  But I start to get antsy when the car stops, even at long red lights.  And naked butts on my side of the bed.  Any. 

I am sure Dereck could fill you in on all of my quirks.  Maybe the next post should be about annoyances.  I have a ton of those!

Until then…… long as there are no spiders on the keyboard, I will be back tomorrow. 🙂


One thought on “Back to the scheduled list

  1. I knew there was a reason we get along so well – this could have been my list! Only – my fear of spiders is totally rational and completely founded. Maybe I'll leave that for my post though…Bummer about the migraine 😦 But glad to see you back to posting!Haha, that word verification is "antsi" :)Are you less antsi in a closed car if everyone holds their breaths? 😉

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