Day 06 – Your day

Wow!!!  Mega posts today!  Although this one actually took me all day….but you know what I mean.

Thanks to Melinda for the inspiration and to whoever she got her inspiration from.  You will now know WAY more than you ever wanted to know about my oh so exciting days.

Here we go……………

Thursday, January 27:

7:45am – The “strum” alarm on my iPod Touch wakes me up.  Snooze.

7:58am – My second alarm, called Moo and Boobs, come in to make sure I am awake.  Yes, I am.  I was taking a

few minutes to check in on Facebook and email.  Alone.  In the quiet.

8am – Officially wake up.  Come into the living room to see that Moo hasn’t eaten, as usual.  Rush her to eat. 

Get Boobs to eat a pop tart and drink his juice.

8:15am – remind everyone that we ARE leaving this house on time.  NO.MATTER.WHAT.

8:16am – pick out Moo’s outfit for the day.  Love this part!  It’s like playing dress up.  She gets to pick the rest of

the days, I get to pick school days.  I also have to *again* remind Boobs that we are leaving on time. 


8:20am – Remind Moo to actually eat.  Evil TV.

8:24am – “You have one minute to eat that pop tart.”

8:26am – I lotion up Moo and get her dressed.  Adorable, I have to brag.  🙂  Then there is the process of

combing her hair.  I keep getting this comment from her “Are you done yet?”.

8:41am – “I am driving away from the house on time, no.matter.what.”

8:52am – Walking to the car.  2 minutes later than I said we would……but 3 minutes earlier than I thought we’d

leave.  So score for me!

8:57am – Walk Moo into school.  It’s a little bittersweet.  Happy to have a few hours I am not Mommy but sad

because she is getting so big, so fast!

9:02am – Drop Boobs off at school because today is a breakfast day.  He goes to school breakfast about twice a

week.  Why?  “I don’t know.”  Ok.  It works for me since it is a late day and I don’t have to go home just to go

back out 15 minutes later.

9:07am – Get home.  My neighbor (who we ADORE) catches me and we chat for a few.

9:11am – Get in the house, turn on the Keurig.  Need coffee!

9:15am – Sit down to catch up on my blog and see my cousin has done a new blog challenge day outlining her

whole day – which is awesome!!  This inspires me….as you can see. 

9:30am – Hear Dereck’s alarm going off although he is going to snooze for 30 more minutes.  Creatures of habit

we are.  Remember that I turned the Keurig on so go to actually brew the coffee.  Yum!!  Vanilla Chai creamer is


9:36am – Sit down to finish reading cousin’s blog.  I’ll be here until Dereck’s get up at 10am, at least.  Check

email, I need to write an email to a friend who emailed me last week.  I am horrible!

9:43am – Getting sidetracked by editing my blog details.  Hey – I added a blog rool!!  Go me!!!  Now I am trying

to figure out new backgrounds.  We’ll see how that goes….

9:59am – The new background isn’t working out to my advantage…….not sure how to change the entire page. 


10:08am – I DID IT!!!  I am awesome!  lol  Now to start my blog for the day.  Uhhh….nah.  I’ll procrastinate and

do it later.  Time for breakfast – hashbrowns and eggs.  Yum!

10:09 – 11:02am – Dereck is up now so my day will be more blocky now.  Although he swears that this is his day

of no computer.  We’ll see how it goes for him.  As for me, I made breakfast and turned on the TV show ‘Heavy’.

 Has anyone seen this show??  Wow – what a great weight loss motivator!!  I had to stop eating.  I vow to watch

every episode of this show to see what I DON’T want to be.  And since I haven’t even started my monthly

challenge of writing this down (I am horrible), I am starting today.  Right now!

12:54pm – Finished watching two episodes of ‘Heavy’.  Wow.  What a show.  Moo is home from school and ate

her lunch.  It’s almost time for her nap time.  Usually I take a nap with her but not today.  Not sure what I will


1:25pm – Doing a little shopping on Old Navy.  I have a gift card I am dying to use but I am too cheap to actually

hit “buy”.  I want to get the most out of my $50.

1:26 – 4:10pm – Not much happened.  Ate lunch, read some Hawaii magazines my neighbor gave me, watched

some ESPN with the hubby.  Boobs got home from school, which started the usual discussions of “Make sure you

read.”  “Make sure you clean your room.”  These are daily conversations.  Now the kids are playing and arguing,

Dereck is watching GI Joe and I just took a survey on feminine products.  Don’t we sound exciting?

5:29pm – Just finished a blog post for today.  My favorite places (as you know….because I am sure you’ve read

it).  Memories……..dinner time now!  Leftover spaghetti.  NOT my favorite but we had a lot yesterday and I

refuse to waste it.

8:30pm – Well, it’s time for the bedtime routine for the kids to start.  YAY!!!!!!  We’ve had dinner, Moo and I went

through a US Atlas and talked about all of the states.  Boobs did states and capitols with Dereck.  I finally wrote

the email (wait…that sounds weird doesn’t it?) to my awesome friend and now it is Thursday night comedy and

Idol.  AND I have written everything I’ve eaten down.  Everything.  So that is progress!

11:30pm – I don’t know if anyone who reads this watches 30 Rock…but you should!  Hilarious.  And Parks & Recreation.  Good times!  I could watch my Oprah on the DVR but I think I am going to get my PJs on and read my book.  Which really means that I plan to fall asleep here pretty soon.


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