TGI…..Thursday? Part 2

I was just telling Dereck about my post and how we don’t have any Disney World pictures scanned into the computer and he tells me we do!

Dereck made a website a LONG time ago and we put some pictures up from our anniversary trip.  So yay….I can now share some actual pics of our trip there.

By the way, this trip was in 1999.  Just for reference. 🙂

A young Dereck and I in front of the castle.  We tried and tried to get the picture timed right so the castle would be lit behind us but we aren’t photographers.  🙂

In the hotel room.  I think this time we stayed at the Music resort.  I believe we were in the country music section.

Us at Epcot.  Wow – we were so much skinnier!

This was actually at Universal.  By this time we were exhausted.

Magic Kingdom entrance.  See the date there….6/23/1999.  Yikes!

Here we are…me and my favorite frog.

In front of the Universal globe.

And for giggles, Dereck and his best buddy Purnell who came with us on the trip.  I know this was at Universal Studios but I’m not sure which section or what ride we were at.

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