Since I am not working, the days of the week really have no more meaning than which kid goes to school and which doesn’t.  Since Moo only goes 2 days a week, there are 3 days that I just have to cart Boobs out.  I can barely even remember what the date is most days.

Anyway.  So I have a blog challenge post going for tomorrow (thanks for the inspiration Melinda!) so for today….I thought I would pick a random topic from my huge, long list.

Best 3 places you have ever been

Yay!!!!  I love this topic and would love to hear your (the reader) favorite places too.

#1 – HAWAII!!!!

Waikiki Beach at dusk.

Dereck and I on top of Diamond Head.  Probably the dumbest thing we have ever done but the view……the view was to die for.  

Sunset on Waikiki. 

Absolutely amazing.  Gorgeous.  Relaxing.  Romantic.  I highly recommended it to anyone who hasn’t been.  You must go once in your lifetime.  We’ll go again someday.  Or when I win Publisher’s Clearing House on Feb. 28, I’ll buy a beach side house.  You are all invited to visit. 🙂

#2 – Disney World

It’s the happiest place…on earth!!!  So when you go, there is no way you can not love it!  Dereck and I went twice, our honeymoon and our 1st anniversary.  I am dying to go again and take the kiddos but I refuse to go until we can do it right.

Unfortunately, our Disney adventures took place before digital life but google has everything, as you know, and here are some of my favorite places at Disney World.

Cinderella’s Castle – gorgeous at night.
Main Street USA    
I’m sure most of you know of my frog collecting.  Kermit is my favorite so I was in heaven here.

While there are a TON of other places I adore, these are the three that come to mind first.  I can’t wait to go back and share the experience with Boobs and Moo.

#3 – New Orleans

Yes, New Orleans has problems.  Problems that were in place before Katrina hit.  But the city is vibrant, mysterious and beautiful.  And you can’t say you’ve lived until you’ve had some authentic New Orleans food!  Dereck calls it home.  I call it my home away from home. And anyone who has spent more than a few months there fall in love this city.


The aquarium

New Orleans skyline

So those are my 3 favorite places.  I have to cheat though and add this in too…..


My hometown and a place I yearned for all 8 years I lived in New Orleans.  This will always be home for me.  

Riverside State Park – great hiking and gorgeous views!
Downtown – I love that we don’t have any real skyscrapers.

Riverfront Park

Greenbluff – a yearly jaunt for us in October.

There are definitely places I want to go and visit before I leave this earth.  And there are places I have been that I love (Vegas is definitely one) But for now, these are my favorite places.

Until tomorrow…….

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. – Saint Augustine


One thought on “TGI….Thursday?

  1. I ❤ Hawaii also! Though I've only been the big island – I definitely will visit at your beach house! :)But, I think #1 place for me so far: Rome. #2: Alaska. #3: Hawaii. =)By the way, I like the new background!

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