"Quit mouthin’ off to me!"

I am sure you guys have heard this story….“Army officer’s wife kills her 2 ‘mouthy’ teens”.

I saw this heading yesterday on the Facebook page of my local new station (isn’t technology GRAND?!) and my first thought was “Seriously?”.  After reading the short article, I emailed my BFF with this thought “THIS is why I believe in the death penalty”.  [I know a lot of people do not believe in the death penalty, at all, for any crime – I am not one of those people]

The article says the teens never saw it coming.  She shot her 13 year old boy in the head on the way to soccer practice.  Did she have a gun in her car?  And why?  So then she goes home, and shots her daughter in the head as she is studying.  THEN she sit on her porch and waits for the police.  She claims depression.  The police take her into custody and she gets to go get medical care (because that is what a criminal deserves.  Can’t have a sick criminal).  

I am sickened by this.  Truly.  Being depressed is NO EXCUSE!!!  I don’t care if you are depressed, you don’t kill your kids!  If you are feeling the need to hurt someone, take yourself out of the situation.  Go somewhere else.  Go away!  I know my depression is nothing like this woman claims……but I am 100% sure I would never kill anyone else because I was depressed.  

Some of the comments on the article on Facebook say that we don’t know what happened to make her kill her kids.  Really???    WHO CARES!!!!  She killed her kids.  For no reason.  NONE.  And now she will get to plead insanity and spend her life in an insane asylum instead of where she should be, jail.

I’m fired up.  Hurt kids or animals and you deserve no better than what you did.


One thought on “"Quit mouthin’ off to me!"

  1. She wasn't depressed and she wasn't crazy either. She did just what she wanted to do…kill those kids. She's already planning her strategy with the "I was depressed" story. Honey, they were too old to claim postpartum depression. I hope they fry her in old betsy for killing those children.I believe in the death penalty and I also believe some crimes are so heinous that, they should have to sit in the chair for it.

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