You are what you eat

I have to interrupt this blog and it’s blog challenge with this little food for thought……

Animals are my friends…and I don’t eat my friends.  – George Bernard Shaw

Ok ok……..I am NOT going to get preachy here. But I saw the Oprah yesterday which was about veganism (since Oprah is the authority on absolutely everything, right??) and I’ve been thinking about it non-stop. 

I don’t know if anyone else watching this show.  Basically, Oprah and staff did a challenge to go vegan for 1 week.  They visited a slaughterhouse.  300+ Harpo staffers stepped up to the plate.  Kashi and Whole Foods provided bags of groceries.  Lisa Ling went to visit a slaughterhouse. Special guests Kathy Freston and Michael Pollan talked about eating meat or not eating meat.  They visited a slaughterhouse. 

You can see where I’m stuck don’t you?

Years ago (way too many…….) I saw an HBO documentary that disturbed me enough to immediately go vegetarian.  I didn’t eat meat for 9 or 10 months.  Unfortunately, I didn’t eat a lot of veggies during that time either.  It wasn’t a healthy way to go vegetarian, for sure.  But I was so sickened by the movie that I just couldn’t eat any meat. 

This is how Lisa Ling’s visit to the slaughterhouse made me feel.  Sick.

I’m not going vegan.  I was going to attempt this after Christmas, for health reasons, but just couldn’t do it.  I may not even go full blown vegetarian…….but Oprah said a word that may fit me perfectly.  “Veganish”.  I like it.  Dereck and I are going to have Seafood Monday.  I may move to meatless a couple of days.  I already know that not eating eggs or dairy make me feel better….yet I still eat these foods.  Why?

Oprah’s point yesterday was not to go vegan.  It was to be conscience of what you eat and where it comes from.  I think we can all do that, right?


2 thoughts on “You are what you eat

  1. This is something I'm still struggling with I guess. I have yet to see one of the horrifying documentaries – I've kind of managed to avoid them either by purpose or accident. And I'm torn. And I did, when pregnant, try to convince Erik we needed to buy hormone-free free-range etc. chicken. And we bought some, at twice the cost of our old stuff. And…well, it didn't taste different to us! AND, it was more of a pain to cook with because it was way fattier. So…what do I do? I mean, I KNOW that I should support better meat practices and go with the free-range option. But we can't afford it, it was more of a pain, and we noticed no difference in taste. Ugh.And…I'm not much of a fish eater. And I support omnivorous habits – I mean, there's a reason we have the teeth we do, it's to eat veggies AND meat is my theory. That said…I think Americans probably eat TOO MUCH meat in general. And then the issue of dairy. I noticed that I seemed a bit healthier on my restricted no-dairy diet too. And yet…I love ice cream. And pizza. And coffee with milk. Sigh. Maybe if I do it in moderation? That's the secret to success anyway, right? All things in moderation? Wow, this is a long comment. 🙂 Guess you struck a nerve.ANYWAY, all THAT being said, I fully support you doing what you think will help you be healthier and happier! And if that means no meat! Well – I raise some tofu to you! (Incidentally, I like tofu…) 🙂

  2. This happened to me years ago when I was taking a class at UNO. I was in a philosophy class and one of the topics was about animal rights. The book had pictures of the slaughterhouses, how the cows and chickens were kept and how the chickens were "debeaked" to keep them from pecking one another.I was so disgusted, I stopped eating meat cold turkey(LOL..pardon the pun).I still don't eat that much meat today. The more I learn about cooking veggies and fish, the less I will cook meat. I agree, it's healthier.

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