All by myself in a cloud of bliss

Moo Moo is at school.  Booby Boo is at school.  The husband is at his new job.  I am a-l-l alone………and I am loving it!!  I worked out, no stress.  I get to watch my HGTV and Food Network with no complaints.  It’s quiet.  *sigh*  Bliss.

It’ll be over soon enough but for now, I am relishing in it.

Just a quick update on us.

So there is some big news for us this week.  Dereck started a job.  An office job….an office job where I “work”.  He seems pretty happy about it, which makes me pretty happy about it.  I get to concentrate on getting better.  While we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, this was the best present he could ever give me.  I am pretty darn lucky, I have to admit.

Moo Moo was sick last week.  She had bronchitis.  That was seriously no fun.  She had very high fevers and wasn’t sleeping well.  But with antibiotics and a good cough medicine, she is all better now.  No one has caught it (yet).  We are pretty lucky that our kids don’t get sick very often.  Sure, a cold here and there – no biggie.  But the flu or anything else….not often. 

So just a nice boring post.  I’m going to do some more relaxing before I’m no longer alone.

Have a great day!


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