Day 12 – What’s in your bag

For years, I didn’t carry a purse.  I would just put things in my pocket and off we go.  Even now, my purse is sometimes hindering.  But, I love it!  So….here is what is in my bag.

The bag in question.

1.  Energizer battery replacement for my food scale.
2.  Hair bands (which I don’t need since I got my hair cut too short to go into a ponytail anymore)
3.  receipts from Senior Froggy and my Creative Memories consultant.  
4.  Wallet (which should have a blog post of its own there is so much in there)
5.  phone
6.  Lifesavers – tropical fruit flavored

7.  Program for my Uncle Darrell’s funeral.
8.  grocery list
9.  more receipts – Khol’s and gas
10.  another grocery list – this one is old
11.  calendar – which I never use
12.  work ID, security card and jeans day pass
13.  pens and pencils
14.  gum and a gum wrapper
15.  two small bottles of lotion – Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath & Body Works and Coconut Lime from Hawaii. 🙂
16.  iPod Shuffle
17.  3 chapsticks
18.  eye glass screwdriver and towel
19.  pedometer
20.  bandaids
21.  tampon
22.  a love letter from Dereck – I think it is a couple of years old but I keep it with me always.
23.  work info – door codes, etc.


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