Those of you who live in Spokane have been bombarded with news stories about the guy who decided it would be an awesome idea to place a bomb downtown in the area of the Martin Luther King, Jr. parade.

If you live anywhere else, check out any of the area’s news stations for the story.  KREM  KHQ 

This guy just really pisses me off.  And it really upsets me to hear neighbors, friends, school chums, family say “He was quiet.  He didn’t create any trouble.”  ARG!!!!!!!!!  Who fucking cares?!  The guy was involved in the neo-nazi movement.  He was a racist.  He hated people because of skin color.  He tired to hurt, maybe even kill, people with a homemade bomb.  Yes, yes…..I understand that people are innocent until proven guilty.  But this loser is looking pretty f’ning guilty.  His DNA is inside the backpack.  Not just outside it, INSIDE.

Also – there were 3 guys who found this backpack.  They worked for a temp agency, cleaning parking lots.  They found the backpack, opened it and saw wires and called the police.  What do they get for it?  Fired.  Yes – fired.  Honestly, what is wrong with people?

*sigh*  I just don’t get hate.  Why?  I really don’t understand racism.  There is absolutely nothing anyone can tell me that would make me understand it.  Same with discrimination for sexual preference.  Who the hell cares?

I know we all want to know 100% of the details regarding this case….but I hate that this guy is in the news, that we keep seeing his picture.  That we hear his name.  That we have to keep hearing about his hate.  That the news stations interview members of an Idaho hate group and that they get the attention. 

There is hope though.  Thousands of Spokanites have come out and attended meetings proving that we will not stand for hate in this city!  And that makes me proud to live here.


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