Mother Nature has spoken…

….although I am not sure what her point is.

Like millions, I have been transfixed by the tragedy in Japan.  Every day, I turn on CNN or MSNBC to see what is new.  Thousands dead, thousands still missing, hundreds hurt.  They are estimating $100 billion worth of damage.  Nuclear reactors failing, exploding…… is overwhelming and heartbreaking.

People are blaming God.  Blaming the environment.  Foreshadowing the end of the world.

The worst thing is that people are upset that the US is sending help.  Seriously?  Wouldn’t we want help in the same situation?  Oh wait, Japan and millions of it’s citizens sent millions of dollars after Hurricane Katrina.

I’ve even read this comment…”Don’t forget Pearl Harbor.”  Wow.  I don’t even know what to say to that.  I am embarrassed that a fellow human would even think that.  There have been several days I am embarrassed by a comment someone said or posted.

Someone who makes me proud is a 6-year old who is creating art to sell to make money to send over to Japan.  There is still hope!! See her at

In other Mother Nature news, New Jersey is flooding.  I’m not quite sure what we did to Mother Nature but she is one pissed off lady!


3 thoughts on “Mother Nature has spoken…

  1. "Remember Pearl Harbor" ?!?Wow.Ugh.One Tin Soldier just came on the radio…somehow it seemed relevant.Ugh. People.Of course, I may be biased in wanting to help Japan 🙂

  2. Wow indeed on the Pearl Harbor quote! At least there are people who do care out there, I like to hope a lot more than the others. My company has already raised over $200,000 from staff donations, they are working on generating a lot more too. In times like this, we have to help each other out; it is the only acceptable human response (in my opinion anyway).

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