Arena Football Friday, future daughter-in-law musings and preschool dating

Ok – so it can’t always be Friday since some games are on Saturday but……..GO SHOCK!!!!  I’ve professed my love for the Spokane Shock in an earlier post and now that the season is two games in, I gotta tell you – I really love it!  The best part of it is sitting in an arena with 10,000 other fans.  Screaming, complaining, booing…’s awesome!  Even better is sitting next to the BFFs and the hubby while doing it. 🙂

Tonight the Shock play Utah.  NFL Network and in HD!  If we can’t be there in person, I am grateful for HD. 🙂

In other news, today we have a play date with my future daughter-in-law today.  We’ll call her “S”.  Why is she my future daughter-in-law?  Let me count thee ways?

1.  She played on Daniel’s t-ball team and just happened to live in our area so they go to school together and are good friends.

2.  Most important – her birthday is November 1.  Therefore, we keep the streak going.

Of course, Boobs doesn’t like it when I call S his girlfriend.  Girls are still pretty gross to him but just wait!  When they get married, I will sing “I told you so!” to the wedding reception.

It does help that S’s parents are totally cool!

I’d also like to add that Miss Moo Moo also have a boyfriend.  We’ll call him “C”.  He is absolutely adorable, looks like he is probably Italian.  They play boyfriend/girlfriend at preschool, they go on dates and everything,  although Moo is still planning to eventually marry Justin Bieber.  I can’t break it to her that he is dating someone……she’ll figure it out eventually. 

So that is what’s up with me.  What about you guys?


4 thoughts on “Arena Football Friday, future daughter-in-law musings and preschool dating

  1. Well, dad's coming home Saturday…getting ready for THAT one. French Quarter Fest is this weekend, I think imma go Sunday and listen to some Zydeco. I think I'm going to fix my last batch of gumbo for Easter…it's getting pretty hot already down here.

  2. @bayoucreole – Oh I am so glad he is coming home!!! And please, pretty please??, post some of the food you get at the Fest. 🙂 I have to live through you. lol Uh – hot?? We're schedule for some more snow this week. Sadness. I am ready for spring, for sure.

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