Happy Easter!!

So it’s a day late….but I hope everyone had a great Easter!  We did!!

We colored eggs the night before.  Shelloy, Nathan and Poedee came over and Poedee was going to color eggs with us.  He decided sleep was a better idea.  So it was just us and the kids.

Love!  Well, Boobs had to be convinced but…..

Ready to color eggs!

He is ready too.

Boobs was very particular about his egg coloring.

Moo did a lot of “cooking”.  Notice she is wearing her apron also.

All done and perfect!

Just the right colors.

Easter morning, Dereck and I got up at 5:30am to play the Easter Bunny and hide the eggs.  Daniel wrote the Bunny a note asking for the eggs to be hid harder….so that was a challenge.

Booby Boo’s big gift was the Kinect Michael Jackson game.  I’ve got to get a video of this!  He loves it but it is very clear that he gets his rhythm from me.

Delaney got two greenhouses.  I….errr….SHE can’t wait to plant them.

Finding eggs!

She found some of the ones we hid for Boobs.

Still looking…..

….and looking.

Getting a hint from Daddy.

One in the tree?!

And another!

“I see it!!”

Having trouble with the last egg.

The master egg hunters.

I have admit that we were so sleep deprived that we forgot about two eggs.  We did find them……….later in the evening.  Ewwww!

Moo Moo went to church with Grammy, we hung out at the house until it was time to meet my Mom’s side for lunch.  By “hung out” it was more like I napped and the boys played games.  lol

After lunch, we went to Grandpa’s to see what the Bunny left there. 

Moo and Sonny – partners in crime.

Boobs, Miss M and a silly Grandpa

Grandpa with his ‘kids.

Opening up all of their eggs.  It’s funny how each kid does this differently.  Miss M opens as fast as she can.  Daniel was excited about the quarters and what state they were.  Moo was very deliberate and Sonny was so happy about the peanut butter chocolate.

Dinner, dessert and then home.  The kids went to bed and I went right after.  It was a busy, fun day!!

Next weekend is Bloomsday and Booby Boo and I volunteer with Shelloy.  We give out water at the top of Doomsday Hill and we have lots of fun!  Maybe one day we will actually walk it. 

Have a great week!!


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