I want to be an English Princess!

Yeah – that’s right….I got up at 2am to watch the royal wedding. 

Most people probably know that I am a history buff.  A HUGE British history buff.  This is completely right up my alley.  There are traditions that have happened for hundreds of years.  There is a pageantry that no other country can reproduce.  And darn it, rich British people wear the coolest hats! 

I’ve been hearing “Who cares!  People get married all the time!”  Yes, while that statement is true…….those people are also NOT Prince William, son to the beloved Princess Diana.  Those people are not royalty.  Those people are not a part of British history.  Those people can’t wear a hat like Princess Beatrice – seriously!  Did you catch that thing???


I do believe that I was a part of history today.  I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.  Well, maybe childbirth but luckily, that wasn’t an issue.  🙂

Congratulations to the gorgeous couple!!  Thank you for sharing your day with us!


4 thoughts on “I want to be an English Princess!

  1. I hadn't meant to, but I woke up when David got home at 2am and I couldn't fall back asleep, so I got up and watched. I was surprised how short the vows part was, but it was neat to watch history in the making. I love that you are a huge British history buff!! 🙂

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