Honk if you love a plus sized woman!

I gotta be honest with you…..I’m a plus sized woman.  Surprise!!!  I shop in the plus size section, I can’t wear the super cute clothes, my bras are all full size cups.  But you know what, that is just how it is.  Is it my ideal body?  Of course not.  I try to eat healthy….I am starting a fitness plan.  But I am plus size.  I understand it isn’t healthy to be overweight.  All fat people understand this….we hear it every single day of our lives. 

So what has my granny panties in a wad today?


plus size
The picture above is of Amanda Dougherty.  She is the face for Elena Miro’s plus-sized spring collection.  Yes, that skinny girl above.  Plus sized.
CrystalRenn1Crystal Renn…..a size 8 and one of the top 7 faces of plus size models.  Yes, plus sized at a SIZE 8!!
Whitney Thompson, winner of America’s Top Model – size 10-12.
*sigh*  These women are beautiful……but they aren’t plus sized.
I understand the the standard of beauty in the United States is, for lack of a better word, fucked up.  The models get skinnier and skinnier (Candice Swanepoel – I’m looking at you).  Little girls want to be skinnier and skinnier.  Anyone over the size of 4 is considered fat.  What happened to us?!  And we wonder why anorexia and bulimia are so popular with the younger girls.
So, what got me started on this rant?  This article from Shape magazine, The Best Swimsuits for Your Body Type, and this picture within it for the “best suit to wear to minimize your waist”:

Minimize that model’s waist any more and she will disappear.
I just wish the term “plus size” wasn’t such a dirty word.  There is enough ugliness in the world, isn’t there?
And that marks my triumphant return to blogging (if your lucky).  lol

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