What?  That’s right folks…..not only do you get 2 blog posts back to back….you get a Blogging Challenge post too!  Someone check, the world just might be ending.  🙂

Day 05 – Your definition of love


For me, one picture sums love up pretty decently:

 These three people have shown me love beyond anything I could ever imagine.  I’ve learned how to be a good wife, I’ve learned how to be a great Mommy.  I’ve received unconditional love, support and encouragement from a husband who loves me for me, loves my body exactly how it is (even if I have my “What the hell??” moments), loves my humor, love my silliness and loves my mind.  I’ve got two AMAZING children who love my adventurism, love my sensitivity, love my cuddles and hugs and who love my white-girl dancing.

All in all, I am pretty freaking lucky.  And blessed beyond an measure I can imagine.

Beyond my three core loves……I’ve got a BFF of 21 years.  She loves me without judging, even when I might not deserve it.  She supports me 150% with no questions.  She’s always party to my crazy ideas and schemes and jumps right in with me.  We talk every single day and see each other maybe more often than I see some of my family members.  She is more than a BFF to me…..she is my sister.  My family.  I am lucky because my family embraces her and hers as one of us too.

BFF and I at Bloomsday – Shalom and Ed at it again.

I’ve got family who loves me for no other reason that because I am here on this earth. 

Some of my family at a impromptu kickball game.  

All in all….I am pretty damn lucky.  And while sometimes I get down in the dumps…I know that I have the support I need.  I just need to ask.

Until next time……..


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