Are you ready for some football?!

Hey all! 

So.  My triumphant return to blogging wasn’t so triumphant now was it?  No excuses….just laziness.  Or lack of subject.  Who knows.

BUT!  Do I have some dandies for you!!

As most of you know, Booby Boo is playing Pop Warner football again this year.  There is a Dad who is recording the games and putting the highlights on You Tube.   Last weekend, Booby Boo had his jamboree, which is basically very short games against the teams you’ll be playing in the season.  His team had three 20 minute games.  The Dad recorded all three and I want to share them with all of you.  How lucky are you?? 🙂

FYI – Booby Boo is #21. You might even see some pretty good lookin’ people at the endzone in a couple of the videos.  Just sayin’.

These videos are NOT the full 20 minutes long.  That would be ridiculous wouldn’t it?  They are more like 5-6 minutes long.

Game 1
Game 2 
Game 3

Hopefully those work.  It is late here you know.

Even if you don’t like football, the kids are so adorable in their uniforms how can you not want to see this cuteness?

Well, it’s late here in the Inland Empire and this blogger has to get her Zzzzz.  Got a football game tomorrow. 🙂

Nighty night!


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