Day 15 – Your dreams

Thought I’d knock out another blog challenge post.
Day 15 – Your dreams
“Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true”
I’ve got many dreams.  Some are practical.  Some are fantastical.  Some are not for me.  Here are some of my dreams.
I want to retire in the country – in a house with a beautiful porch.
To be debt free.
To be an awesome Grandma.
To be a runner.
To go to London and visit everything Tudor related.
To live a stress-free life.
To own a vacation home on a beach somewhere.
To go to a Patriot’s home game.
For my children to have an amazing college education.
To go old together with my Snookie.

One thought on “Day 15 – Your dreams

  1. I am loving this blog! I have only looked at your most recent post so far but intend to read all of it when I get the time today. I love your dreams quote because it is so true. I am finally starting to realize that I am my own worst enemy, but the great news is that I can be my own best friend too, I just have to change how I think 🙂 That is why I named my blog Letters to my Best Friend, because thinking of how I treat my best friend vs. how I've been treating myself all these years really helped illuminate some of my problems. It would seem that I have more respect for other people than I do for myself, which is not good!! So that is what I am working on. So pleased to meet you. Looking forward to being friends. By the way I am @rubylinz on twitter 🙂

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