New Challenge!!!

I know, I know….I’m not even done with the other one yet BUT…this one is cool!!  Some of you know I love photography and I try to take good pics.  I have A LOT to learn.  So I found this challenge and I am excited about it!

30 Day Photo Challenge

You take a picture, every day for 30 days.  I’ll post it on a new tab (which will soon show up soon) so that they are all together.  I will do these in order.

Here are the subjects:

Day 1:  Self-portrait
Day 2:  What you wore today
Day 3:  Clouds
Day 4:  Somthing green
Day 5:  From a high angle
Day 6:  From a low angle
Day 7:  Fruit
Day 8:  A bad habit
Day 9:  Someone you love
Day 10:  Childhood memory
Day 11:  Something blue
Day 12:  Sunset
Day 13:  Yourself with 13 things
Day 14:  Eyes
Day 15:  Silhouette
Day 16:  Long exposure
Day 17:  Technology
Day 18:  Your shoes
Day 19:  Something orange
Day 20:  Bokeh????
Day 21:  Faceless self-portrait
Day 22:  Hands
Day 23:  Sunflare
Day 24:  Animal
Day 25:  Something pink
Day 26:  Close-up
Dat 27:  From a distance
Day 28:  Flowers
Day 29:  Black and white
Day 30:  Self-portrait


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