Day 13 – This week

This week has been nothing special so far.  BUT the end could be.  🙂

Here are the activities from the week so far and what is planned.

Monday:  Football practice
Tuesday:  Football practice with G-Prep football team
Wednesday:  Therapy, group therapy, individual therapy – yes, 3 appts in that building this day!
Thursday:  Meeting Moo Moo’s preschool teacher today.  Dereck leaves for New Orleans.
Friday:  Pig Out in the Park and Pavillian rides with BFF and family
Saturday:  We were going to the lake but the kids “choose” not to go (meaning they lost their privilege), breakfast with a friend
Sunday:  Friendaversary!!!  21 years.  Not sure what we are going to do yet.

So that is it.  Exciting eh??

Until next time…..


2 thoughts on “Day 13 – This week

  1. Can't wait and we really should figure out what to do! I'm super sad the kids "chose" not to hang out with us but tomorrow will be fun!!! Sounds like you've had a good week!

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