Goals and having a plan on how they can be achieved are important!  Here are some of my weight loss goals:

My overall goal:  get to my goal weight of 150.  Will this be easy?  No.  Can I do it?  Yes!

Become a runner.  I am doing the Couch to 5K training program and will be running a 5K on October 30, 2011.  I’ll then start training for the Spokane Half Marathon in October 2012.  I then have plans to run the Disney Half Marathon in FL with a good friend of mine – Jan. 2013.  I really want to be a runner, I like doing it.

Be a food journaler, even when the bites I am taking are not the best.  I will write down everything I put into my mouth.

Yoga, Pilates or ballet – 3 times a week in addition to my running.

Stay away from fast food – period!

Everything in moderation.  I can have ice cream  but I can’t have it all.  I can eat a candy bar, just make it a mini.  Moderation is the key.  No deprivation.

Taking one day at a time.  I have lofty goals but I need to remember each day why I am doing all of this…….and these are the reasons:


3 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Great goals. Just remember EVERYTHING we need in moderation. Even changes. I am not trying to discourage you. Just go at your goals in little pieces at a time. This way you feel more successful and will go on to the next step. Great plan! You CAN and you WILL do this!

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