Mamavation Monday

You can learn many things from children.  How much patience you have, for instance.  
~Franklin P. Jones
Yesterday, I had a conversation with my 4 year old daughter, Moo Moo (a nickname, of course, although it’s all I call her so I a surprised she recognizes her own name LOL).
“Mommy, do old people always get fat?’
“What sweetie?”
“Do all old people get fat?”
“It depends but no, not all people get fat.  Why”
“Well, you are and I was wondering if I would be.”


I know she didn’t mean to hurt my feelings.  But it did.  It hurt a lot.  It isn’t the first time my kids have mentioned my weight.  Moo Moo has mentioned how I needed to get those diet pills on the commercial so I could lose weight too.  Again, not malicious but hurtful all the same.

I wish I could explain to them just what is going on with me.  About my depression, about how I am an emotional eater who definitely binges.  I wish, I wish, I wish……..

What I really want to do is to get healthy.  To lose this weight once and for all and to NEVER hear “Mommy is fat” again.

Blogging Carnival

Question: How is your routine changing now that summer is winding down? Any go-to tips to stay organized?
Now that summer is winding down, my schedule is going to change drastically.  No more lazy mornings, no more spontaneous day trips.  One good thing about it is that with both kids in school on Tues and Thursdays, I will be able to have some me time to get in a good workout, uninterrupted.
To stay organized, I believe pre-planning is key!  I plan out a monthly menu for dinners and make my grocery list from it.  I also utilize my google calendar to keep me aware of appointments and anything else I need to remember.  

16 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday

  1. Oh, hun. Gigantic hugs being sent to you!!!That is my worst fear that my son or one of his new friends from school will comment on my weight…or worse use the p word 😦 Maybe explain as much as you can to a child about your journey? My son loves to work out with me and it's a great way to bond and maybe it would help your daughter be a part of what you're doing?Hang in there ❤ ❤

  2. Thank you!! I never thought about explaining to her about what I am doing to fix it. I get speechless when she says stuff because I hope they would look past it. One day I hope that she (and my son) will be able to look back at what I was and what I am and see what can be done with hardwork and determination. I'll get there and I will never come back.Thank you for stopping by. I so appreciate your support!

  3. Hugs! Big wonderful hugs! Kids can be great allies in the war against obesity – she cares about you & wants to help. Perhaps you can educate her to an age appropriate level about fruits veggies & being active. My kids are always after me to move with them – they love playing fitness class. One day at a time – you WILL reach your goals – I have compltete faith in you!

  4. *hugs* Gotta love kids and their ability to say what they are thinking. I agree with Janice, this is a great time to get her involved in your healthier routine. Best wishes to you this week.

  5. Huge giant hugs for you. My kids are the same way and it bothers my husband more than it bothers me. But that's why it is soo important that we show them a healthy lifestyle so that they can learn from us what to and not to do. I am showing my kids yes I am overweight and this is what I'm doing about it.

  6. @Janice, Laila and Megan: You are ALL right. It's about what I am doing now to change it. These pep talks are awesome!! I was so down this morning but not anymore. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Man that's gotta be rough. I don't have kids but I know how they can be so brutally honest about things sometimes. I remember my cousin Jared telling me I was fat once and it hurt my feelings so bad! I ran and told my Mamaw and she said well honey, you are. That just made it worse! You've been so motivated this week, I am so proud of you!! Let's give this next week hell! 🙂 Thank you for all of your support, I really appreciate it.

  8. *Hugs* to you Andrea always and forever..It hurts hearing that for anyone but when it's the kids it goes deeper. I wish I could take it all away from you. But your a strong, amazing and loving person and you will win this.. One step at a time and I will always be beside you.. xoxox

  9. Hugs, the best thing you can do is lead by example. Teach them how to have a positive relationship with food. I have been there with all four of my kids. Just know that from her it is coming from a place of love and need to understand her world. Best of luck this week!

  10. Very nice to explain what you are doing to correct the issue and great learning for your DD, because the problem it is not being overweight it is not doing anything to get healthier. You are in the right track.

  11. Aww, big, puffy hugs for you. I agree with Monica – you're on the right track by working toward getting healthier. And like Shannon said, leading by example is the best thing you can do. Making it about teaching your kids will make it much easier to approach a change in your relationship to food. You have a whole lot of support and a team of women (and even men now!) to support you and cheer you on. ❤

  12. That is not nice. My 4 yo asked me yesterday: "Mom, did you poop your pants?" "NO!!! Why would you say that?" "You farted" Once again – not nice!

  13. Wow – thank you everyone!!! I definitely have started to look on the brighter side for this road block. Tonight, she and I had a conversation about how we are trying to eat better so we can be healthy. How Mommy is trying to be the best Mommy she can be so she can play and run. I think she got it and I kept all of your words in the back of my mind.Thank you again for the support. It is so appreciated!!

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