Truth Thursdays – part 2

The scale.

This is any dieters friend…..or enemy. 

Since it is Truth Thursday, I will admit to loving my scale.  This is such a change from just a few months ago when I allowed the scale to depress me.  I refuse to now.  I will admit to weighing in every day.  This isn’t so I can obsess over my weight.  It’s just interesting to me to see the fluctuation.  I didn’t drink a lot of water yesterday and my weight was up.  Monday I ate Popeye’s Chicken (yes – I know) and I was up the next day.  I know exactly why…..and that fascinates me now.

I have an official weigh in on Monday and that is the number that matters to me.

So that is my truth…I am an everyday weigher and darn it, I own it!


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