101 in 1001 – part 2

Does anybody remember THIS?

I’ve got a new and improved list.  Ok……maybe no so new and improved.  I had to take some stuff off, like potty train Moo, so I had to add other stuff.

For those of you who are not familiar with this concept, read THIS.

Because I want to live to be 101……
Reach ultimate weight goal – 150 lbs!
Try a new healthy meal once a month (0/30)
Give up Diet Coke as a regular drink
Eat no fast food for a month (0/30)
Walk Bloomsday each year
Do some sort of exercise 3 X a week (1/429)
Maintain a veggie garden DONE
Complete the 9 week EA Active workout schedule  (0/9)
Complete Couch 2 5K program
Run Spokane Marathon
Run a 5K
Buy a meal’s worth of food at the Farmer’s Market

Because I care about our future…..
create a realistic budget and stick to it
same $5 for every task completed into a savings account (0/101)
Pay off credit cards
Save some money – $50/month (0/33)
Get copy of credit reports
Create our will
Update filing cabinet – archive old documents

Because family and friends are important…..
Take a family road trip – no major freeways.
Go to visit friend in Austin, TX  DONE
Meet OLU girls
Create a family blog or website
Take kids to Disney World
Donate money for MIL’s headstone
Girls night with best friend once a month – not scrapbooking! (0/33)
Keep in better touch with out of state family and friends
Learn family history
Take a vacation with just Dereck
Girls trip to Seattle
Celebrate Friendaversary every year (1/2)
Date night with Dereck once a month (0/33)
send pictures to FIL once a month (0/33)
Go to bed at the same time as Dereck once a week (0/143)
Buy and send birthday, anniversary gifts ON TIME!
Decide if we want to renew our vows and when
Plan one big family vacation
Take a family picture on top of Mt. Spokane  DONE
Visit Jodi in Maine with the kids
Overnight car trip with no destination in mind

Because my kids mean the world to me……
Finish kids’ baby and first year scrapbooks
Move DS down to the basement and into his own room
Do an art project with kids one a week (0/143)
Swim with the kids in the ocean
Build a playhouse for the backyard
teach DD to ride her bike
Take the kids to Bowl N Pitcher  DONE
Read a bedtime story to kids every night (0/1001)
Build a sandbox for the kids
“kids day” once a month – whatever they want to do (0/33)
Refinish dresser for DD
Create a Build A Bear for the kids

Because I want to live life fully and learn everyday…….

Complete the 365 self pics a day project (0/365)
Learn how to use the digital camera properly
Read 5 classic books I’ve never read before (0/5)
Read 2 books in 2 different genres I would normally not read (0/2)
Watch 5 classic movies I’ve never seen before (0/5)
Go on a whale watching tour
Go to pottery place @ Riverpark Square
see a play or musical
Take a non-credit class – cooking, sewing, etc.

Because I want to create a home…..

Re-do bathroom
Paint bathroom, kitchen
Put in hardwood floors
Fill empty picture frames
re-stain kitchen cabinets
Update frames; frame family pictures
Repair spotty grass
Take down old peach tree
Take stuff on the back porch to the dump
Clean out basement
Buy a piece of art for living room
Buy a new bed set – one I really love

Because I love to travel…..
Visit the Oregon Coast
Take a cruise
Take the kids to Coeur d’ lane, ID
Stay on the beach for a week
Go to Leavenworth during Christmas

Just because………
Get the car fixed
Go to a concert in the Gorge
Play tourist in Spokane for a day
Spend the night at the Davenport Hotel
Ride in a limo
Pick fruit in Greenbluff
Buy a fresh Christmas tree
Go to Coulee Dam for lightshow
Grow out hair and donate to Locks of Love
Try lobster
Bake something homemade once a month (0/33)
Get a pedicure
Go camping
get a massage
Watch the Godfather movies
Read/listen to 50 books every year (0/150)
read all of Nora Roberts books
Learn how to fry shrimp
Go to a festival once a year (0/3)
Find a babysitter other than best friend, Mom
Ride in the gondola at the park
Own my own Patriots jersey
Play fantasy football with Dereck   DONE


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