Day 11 – Your siblings

Day 11 – Your siblings

I’ve got one brother, Christopher.

My brother was born 2 years after I was.  I don’t remember how we got along when we were young but I do remember this – we hated each other!  We fought ALL.OF.THE.TIME.  Seriously.  We fought over everything and anything.  The only time we would get along is when we had to.

We’re much closer now.

I’ve got two Step-sisters – Angella is my oldest sister by 5 months.  Jennifer is the youngest (by 2 weeks from my brother).

We’ve been family since we were in elementary school.  I can’t remember exactly what year my Mom and their Dad got married (and who are now divorced) but they have been in my life for 35-30 years.  We get a long fantastically and my kids know they as Auntie Angella and Auntie Jen.

I love them all and I am thankful for such awesome siblings!

Christopher and his family.

Angella and my sister-in-law, Katie.

Ang and Jen – 1994

All of us plus a cousin – Christopher, Jen, Nicky, Ang and me

Jen and her son.

Christopher, my Step-dad Steve and Ang


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