Take this scale and shove it!

This is what I did yesterday with my scale:

I’ve gone about two months believing that I was in control on the scale.  That the numbers didn’t rule me.  But yesterday when I weighed in and was devastated to see that I had gained weight (after losing so many inches)…..well, I had a little break down.

I was very lucky to have a few Mamavation ladies talk me off the “cliff” (THANK YOU!!!!!) and the picture above is what was the result.

My scale has been sealed into that box until my birthday, 11/1.  I refuse to weigh in until then.  I will continue to take my measurements once a week but no weighing.  Not one day, not on the Wii Fit either.

So scale…..take that!!


3 thoughts on “Take this scale and shove it!

  1. Hey Girlie – hope you dont mind me cheering you along on your WL journey (I am back up on mine too again…ugh).Ya know what I did with my scale. I threw it out. (and then got a new one that made me weigh more than the other one but at least it is newer and more accurate). Have you heard of the zero scale??? It doesn't tell you your weight but shows you losses (and gains)

  2. Yes!!!! Please. I don't mind at all. After all, we started this journey together all those years ago. I really love my scale (as you know) but I am so frustrated with losing 13.5 inches and gaining weight. So. I probably do need a new scale. This one is quite old – Rebecca bought it for me so many years ago. I think I still lived in N.O. at the time. I've never heard of the zero scale. Sounds interesting!

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