A New Dawn

On Monday night, for an hour (or so), my attention is directed to Mamavation TV.  The kids play in their room and Mommy gets an hour…or so….

Tonight’s show was powerful to me.  There was a conversation (or speech, I guess, since it was just Leah talking) about depression, being stuck in a rut, now knowing what to do or where to turn.  I swear she was talking directly to me.  It is *EXACTLY* how I have been feeling for 2 weeks.  Kind of blah, kind of just there, kind of lost.

Leah said to take that feeling and turn it around and show it who’s boss.  No one is perfect, no one, and that we can all do it, no one is alone, there is supportive just a keystroke away.

So that is it.  No more feeling sorry for myself.  No more being depressed because my scale isn’t moving or the inches aren’t leaving as fast as I want them.  NO MORE!!!!  I am tired of being depressed and I am tired of feeling stuck.  I deserve better and I am demanding it from myself. 

My motivation is pretty simple – I don’t want to be an embarrassment to my kids.  I don’t ever ever want either child to not want me around because I am fat.  I’ll do whatever it takes to show them that I am NOT that fat Mom.

I’m fired up.  Thank you Leah and thank you Mamavation Sistas – I’ll never be able to thank you enough!!!

Next week there will be no “cons” list, this I swear.

I started this journey with my friend, Jodi, and she motivates me and inspires me in so many ways.  WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!

I see the dawn and I am ready for it!


One thought on “A New Dawn

  1. I love love this post! You inspire me with your posts amongst other ways. I want you to be happy! (hug)Yes we will do this together my friend.. And after we hit our goals in this journey and we are sitting at Disney World together at the pool soaking up the sun while our kids play in the pool, I will say to you "You look HOT" And "I couldn't have got to my goal without you".. Love you Andrea!!!

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