Day 18 – Your Favorite Birthday

Day 18 – Your favorite birthday

My favorite birthday by far was my 30th. 

Wait – 30th??  That is supposed to be a woman’s big bad ugly birthday!!  Well, not for me for this simple reason – my BFF and my other awesome friend, Jen, came down and surprised me!

We lived in New Orleans at the time and I was unemployed, the business I worked for closed down and it was tough finding a place to work that worked around Dereck and daycare for Booby Boo, who was still little.  Anyway – Dereck had told me that he was going to help his friend move a TV.  What was I supposed to think?  It wasn’t that far fetched – this TV was huge!  So it was just me and Booby and who walks through the back door of the apartment, Dereck with Shelloy and Jen! 

I was shocked….and I cried (oh come on!  You know I did.).  It was so awesome!!  They stayed for a couple of days and we jam packed that visit with touristy stuff.  The last day they were there, we stayed up really late talking.  In fact, I don’t think they slept at all before heading to the airport.

It was the best present during a time when things were pretty bleak.

It was an awesome 30th birthday!

(Edited:  Add pics)

French Quarter

Jen being silly – by Virgin Megastore (or what used to be anyway)

Jackson Square

Booby Boo – so little!

On the Mississippi


Good times!

Me and Jen

Me and BFF, Shelloy

My little family pre-Moo Moo

The Hubs

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