Mamavation Monday

*sigh*  It’s been that kind of weekend. 

My husband is off on Friday and Saturday and it is hard to work out when he is home (this is an excuse, I understand) so I usually save these days for my rest days.  But this weekend started out bad and ended bad.  Pizza, burger and fries from a place that will remain McNameless, Halloween cookies…….you get the point.  Anyway. 

The update for this week.

Fitness:  I’ve been doing P90X programs.  I am not doing the whole thing, like the 90 days set but I LOVE the Kenpo section and I did the stretching section which was awesome.  I log it in myfitnesspal and they say it burns 1000 calores!  I don’t know if that is true but it is awesome to see that in print.  lol  I definitely sweat off some calories.  I am thinking that I might want to do the program like you are supposed to…..we’ll see.  The ab section and the arm section look more advanced than I might be ready for.

Nutrition:  See above.  I did ok most nights but I’ve got to figure out a way to avoid eating like my husband on Friday and Saturdays.  He is super supportive of me….but when I want pizza, he doesn’t say no.  It was much easier when he was on board with the weight loss thing too.

Mental:  <big sigh>  Found out some horrible, heartbreaking news yesterday for my BFF and I have been worried and sad for her.  She is a mess…that makes me a worried Momma Bear for her and her hubby.  Otherwise, I am ok. 🙂

Here is to a better week.  I am going to Maine next week and I am SO looking forward to it!!!!!  I need a nice vacation in a beautiful setting!


9 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday

  1. I should also mentioned that in 1 week, I will weight myself after a month of NO SCALE!! I am scared…nervous….anxious…I don't think I lost much but I'll be happy with a negative anything!

  2. Sounds like a little vacation might be just what you need! I sympathize with the husband/workout thing… I think my days move slower when he is home for the weekend. I am trying to be sneaky and do non-workout exercise. Frisbee or chase at the park, family hikes or bike rides, etc.Hope this week is better. Take charge, plan and forgive yourself if things don't go exactly as you hoped. Have a great week.

  3. P90X!! WOW! You've got some cajones. The only one I'll do is Kenpo. That's why I've been doing Turbo forever….Props to you! Keep up the good work!

  4. I've heard P90X is seriously kick butt! Nice job on working with it! I understand what you mean about the hubby, but for me, it's my boys. They're not here all the time so when they are, I want to be doing what they are which means too often, I forget to workout! Have a great time on your trip!

  5. I have never wanted my husband involved in my workout schedule, but I just had to get over it. He also never tells me no, but I promise if you tell him to tell you no it will be easier.Hugs for you & your friend. Its not easy to receive difficult news about the ones we love.

  6. Must be in the air! I had a weekend like this but I was working out through it all. It just made everything that I was doing pointless! Ugh! Hang in there. You do need to make time for yourself even if he is home. Can you go on a walk together? Heck if your going to eat pizza you still have to find a way to burn it off. Hmm??? lol

  7. Hugs for you and your friend. I struggle with working out in front of my husband. When he is home I take my workout outside. Food when eating out can be difficult. Look for the healthiest options on the menu. Opt for the grilled chicken plain, or sauce on the side, etc.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear of troubling news… def makes it hard to focus on yourself when others are struggling… the good news is that the weekend is over and every moment is a chance to start fresh. Don't swell on the things that didn't go right. Focus instead on what you are doing right – right now 🙂 Hang in there you are awesome! 🙂

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