That is what I have been in.  It seems like it comes and goes but it never actually leaves.  Up one day…and down the next.  I am so ready to break it, desperate to break it.  I think my upcoming vacation is going to clear my head and get it done. 

I had a super crappy weigh in.  After a month of not hopping on the scale every morning, I weighed in at +1 lb.  Seriously.  I was frustrated and I’ll admit it, freaking pissed off.  I was sad and ready to give up.  But something amazing happened, people cared.  I mean, really cared.  Four amazing friends talked me from my cliff and brought me down.  Four amazing friends cared enough about me to tell me I was worth it, that I could do it and that this was nothing but a speed bump.  And then another amazing feat…..

I believed them.

As one friend put it, this is just a speed bump.  And it’s true.  I’ve been working out and eating better.  I am losing inches.  I am feeling better.  I feel stronger.  These are the things that matter.  If I continue this way, the scale IS going to show it and catch up with me. 

So thank you Rebecca, Tara, Paul and Shannon – I appreciate you!!


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