Mamavation Monday

So, this post isn’t happy go lucky – I have no silver lining attitude today.  So I will keep it short and to the point because even my attitude is annoying me.  🙂

Nutrition:  I’ve gained.  I’ve been eating decently.  Yes, there have been some bad meals but 90% of the time, I eat within my calorie range.

Fitness:  I’m doing the 2 week challenge but I don’t feel….I don’t feel like I am doing it 100%. 

Mental:  Uhhhh, yeah.  I’m down in the dumps.  Thanks scale.

I haven’t measure yet this week but I can almost guarenteee that it hasn’t moved much (if at all).  I gained – so much that I thought my scale needed a new battery but that didn’t change anything.  How is it possible to gain 7 lbs in a week??

Going to the doctor this morning to see what he thinks.  I got my thyroid checked about a year ago with everything coming out normal but who knows. 

I hope y’all are having a better week!!!! 


5 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday

  1. I'm sorry you are having such a crappy week. I hope it gets better and that your doctor will be able to give you some answers. Keep at the challenge and eating right, it will all balance out eventually!!

  2. Sorry you are having such a tough day. Hopefully the doctor has some answers for you. If you're like me I Have weeks where I plateau and gain weight then one week it all comes off so fast. Keep it up 🙂

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