Tackle It Tuesday: Clean Home Challenge

It’s been a while….but I am back! 

What made me come out of my blogging funk??  This challenge:

The 52 Week Clean House Challenge is a chance for all of us to declutter, organize and create little pockets of yay in our homes. Each week will be a new challenge and a new corner of your home that looks all shiny and new.

The BFF and I decided that we were going to do this together.  Oh, actually, I signed us up for it and because she loves me – she went a long with it. 

Every week, I’ll post a new weekly Clean House Challenge.  You’ll even get a picture as I found it….and how I left it.  Exciting eh??? 

You want in?  Check out my friend Katrina’s blog for more details.

This weeks challenge?  The dresser.

And here I thought it was clean.  🙂

Stay tuned for the “after” picture and for the next challenge.

Oh and consider following and supporting the BFF.  She even started a blog for it!!!  You go Shelloy!

Stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday: Clean Home Challenge

  1. Megan – I've had that dresser for YEARS. Like….30 years. lol My Dad bought that for me when I was in……3rd grade? I got a canopy bed with Strawberry Shortcake linens and that dresser.

  2. I also have a long dresser and am participating in the challenge. I'm excited to visit the other blogs and encourage them along! I can't wait to see the transformation! It's so much fun to do and see before/after pics! Have fun with it!

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