Mamavation Monday on a Tuesday!

Hello Monday….errrrr…..Tuesday.

How did this week get away from me???

It’s been a whirlwind!  Between normal life and Mamavation life, it’s been craziness!!  But let’s start with some numbers.

Weight:  260.4 (-.6)
Waist:  43 (-0)
Hips:  49 (-2)
Bust:  45 (-0 – side note:  my husband is happy about this. LOL)
Right arm:  15 (-0)
Left arm:  15 (-1)
Right thigh:  25.5 (-.5)
Left thigh:  24.5 (-1.5_

Lost this week:  -.6 lbs and -4 inches
Lost during the #2weekchallenge:  -4.4 lbs and -10.5 inches!


While my loss this week isn’t huge, it’s a loss and the numbers are going in the right direction.  Since I have rededicated myself completely on New Years Day, I have lost 5.6 lbs.  I’ll take it!  I went from gaining to losing and I am ok with that!

Fitness:  Between the Mamavation applicant hazing, the #2weekchallenge and whatever else I worked in – I was a busy bee!  The best part of it all?  I gained two workout partners….my kids.  The LOVE to workout with me and they ask every day what we have to do.  My son even created my circuits for hazing on the day we had to do our own.  And he worked me out!  I was sweating big time.  They don’t know it now but they are my motivation and inspiration 100%. 

Nutrition:  One word – AWESOME!!!!!!  Still doing the Stefan Pinto Facebook C Diet and logging all of my calories into My Fitness Pal.  I am realizing that I don’t need a lot of food to feel full.  I also don’t need a lot of extra calories, like sugar or butter.  I’ve come to see that plain oatmeal is yummy and I actually LIKE my gluten-free bread with no butter.  Why add the calories when I don’t need to?  Yes – I still crave things here and there.  I haven’t had a Diet Coke in weeks and while I have no desire to go get one, sometimes I just miss that carbonation feel on my tongue.  I haven’t ventured into seltzer or anything because I don’t want it to be my gateway.  I drink plain water, coffee in the AM and iced tea.  And I am happy with that.  🙂

Mental:  This is a dozie.  I gotta tell you, and I mentioned this on Mamavation TV last night, I knew I had support IRL.  I knew that my parents supported me, my BFF, my husband.  I already knew that.  But to see postings from my friends, to read the recommendations they left me on, to have emails coming in with words of encouragement…….it blew my mind.  It filled my heart.  I cried happy tears more than once a day.  Now that I am a Mamavation Mom finalist, to have people posting the voting link on their Facebook walls for me, having blog posts written with a plea to vote, to have STRANGERS blog about me, to have a friend who I admire greatly want to put my name and story out in the media……..whew……..I just don’t know what to say about it.  I keep saying thank you but it can never be enough.  Ever.  But it is all I have.  I’ve gotten SO much from this campaign already…..there is no taking that back.  Even if I am not a Mamavation Mom, I know I can do this because I know who is behind me.  And that means everything to me.

This campaign has changed my life.  It’s made me a better person.  It’s given me confidence.  It’s given me a new meaning.  And I can never ever thank Mamavation, my friends or my family enough.

See – I told you it was a doozie.  lol

So that is the update for the week.  This time next week, I will either be a Mamavation Mom or not.  I want to wish all of the finalists GOOD LUCK!!!!!  We’re in this together and nothing can take what we are learning away from us.

Haven’t made up your mind yet on who your vote is going to be for?  Check out my video:  I Wanna Be A Mamavation Mom.  Then go and vote here:  Mamavation!!  I am @AndreaEmilien (3rd one down).

Have a good week everyone and see ya next Monday (for sure!).


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