Life After A Mamavation Mom Campaign

Hey everyone!
Wow – it feels weird writing this for my own personal blog.  It’s been awhile.  🙂
My Mamavation Mom campaign has been over for a week or so now.  My last “official” weigh in was last Sunday.  Honestly, it has been a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I initially thought that in the 7 weeks of the campaign that everything would be easy peasy afterwards.  But that certainly wasn’t the case.  I found myself floundering and searching for…..something.  I was lost all week – not sure what to do with myself.  I found that I was falling right back into old habits.  I alienated myself from Twitter and Facebook because I felt so awful about how I was feeling.  I was SURE my weigh in was going to be awful and continue the downward spiral.
But it wasn’t.
Yes, I gained – but only .8 lbs.  Less than a pound.  I claim that as a victory because I know what I did and I know how I sabotaged myself.
I am lucky because I had some people who were really there for me and gave me support when I really needed it.  Besides my BFF, Shelloy, – Laura (@mommycanrun), Lolo (@mybaybah) and Megan (@mnmspecial) checked in on me and gave me words of encouragement.  I am so thankful for that!
So yesterday, I started over.  I logged all of my food.  I drank loads of water.  I felt good!  I’m back to sleeping well.  I’ve gotten back on the gluten-free train, because to be honest – I was so FAR off of it and I was feeling awful! 
I am absolutely not perfect and you know what?  That is ok.  Everything is a learning lesson and I refuse to let this last week get me down! 
I’m ready!
I expect these numbers to change next week.  I gained an inch or two but I suspect that it is water bloat as I was not very good with my water intake last week.
Arm – lf
Arm – rt
Thigh – lf
Thigh – rt
And my weigh in:
 And with that, I hope you all had a fantastic week!!
Until next time………..

5 thoughts on “Life After A Mamavation Mom Campaign

  1. I know it's hard to get back on the wagon after you fall off, but you can do it! You did great as a Mamavation Mom and I can't wait to see you do even better now!

  2. WOW! Having put myself in the ring to be a MM I've been paying close attention to you guys.. and I as scared as I was to join in, I am INSPIRED by how you guys were all real- and I know I had to try. I know you can get back on track.Wendy

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