Are You A Bloomie?

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Ok – so maybe many of you outside of the Pacific Northwest have no idea what Bloomsday is.  For us, it’s a huge deal.  It’s something people train all year for.  It’s a yearly get-together on the streets of Spokane.  It’s 55,000+ people from all over, running and walking (A LOT in costumes) to get the coveted finishers t-shirt.



Held on the first Sunday in May since 1977, the Lilac Bloomsday Run is a 12K course from downtown Spokane and through the city, including one major hill climb nicknamed Doomsday Hill.  The end of the course falls on the bridge overlooking Spokane Falls and let me tell you, crossing that finish line for some of us is a religious experience.

All finishers receive a Finishers t-shirt.  These shirts are only given to those who cross the finish line.  You can not buy  them.  The design is kept secret until the first finisher gets one.  Each year, there is a new shirt design and a new poster    design.  You can view all 35 years worth here:  T-Shirts & Poster History.

My son and I have been volunteering at a water table at the top of Doomsday for a couple of years now.  We always have a good time.  This year, my son will be walking Bloomsday.

Next year, maybe I will be ready for that walk too.

Until then, I am your friendly cheerleader with a cup of water just for you.

Good luck Bloomies!!


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