Mamavation Monday – Forrest Gump got it right!

You know, when he said “Stupid is as stupid does.”

I think we’ve all seen this picture around Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

The link on Pinterest is actually an ad.  So I googled to see if I could find where this picture was from – was it from someone’s blog, Tumblr, Facebook?  I wanted to change the link so it actually went somewhere worth it.  If I’d taken 2 second to think, I’d have known what I was going to find.  I should have remembered that there are some really awful people out there.

Googling brought me to a particular thread on a message board for body builders.  I don’t know why I clicked it – seriously.  It just made me sad.  These men were HORRIBLE!  I can understand that people do not find a big woman beautiful.  And yes, there are definitely issues with being a size 22.  But come on…..the sentiment of the picture is that while she is a size 22, she is still a beautiful woman.  She is still worth respect and love.  She can still be funny, amazing and smart.  Calling her names and knocking her down serves absolutely no purpose.  None what so ever.

I think a better idea is  The xoJane Real Girl Belly Project.  This is basically an ode to your belly – stretch marks, belly fat, 6 pack….all of it.

Let’s build people up.  Let’s stop the hate and understand that we all don’t work the same, we don’t look the same and we all could use a little love.

Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.  ~Eric Hoffer

Anyway.  It is Mamavation Monday and I want to get to it.

Last week I mentioned that I weighed myself but forgot to take the picture.  This week, I did not forget!

  257.2 means this week I lost 2.6 lbs.  Between the 2 week challenge and my period starting, I am back to losing.  I and still up from my Mamavation Mom campaign but I am getting back to where I was.

I don’t think it is a secret that my transition from being a Mom and being a normal person again was really hard for me.   But I am not allowing myself to spend one more minute on the “can’t” and I am trying to embrace the “can”.  I know I have support, both in real life and online.  So there is no reason to be embarrassed that I had a slight step back.  I’m not the first person ever to feel this way and I won’t be the last one.

Being a mentor to the new Mamavation Moms is amazing!  I am finding motivation from Wendy and Hanan.  They are both beautiful people and both of them encourage me in ways they probably don’t realize.

Besides my weight, I also did my measurements.  They weren’t too much different that the last time I measured but an inch here, half an inch there really starts to add up.  Since the day I applied for Mamavation Mom, I’ve lost a total of 22 inches.  I love it!!

  1/9/12 5/7/12
Waist 44 41
Hips 52.5 47
Bust 46 43
Arm – lf 15.5 14
Arm – rt 16 14
Thigh – lf 27.5 23.5
Thigh – rt 26 23

My goals this week:

1.  Drink 100 oz of water each day.

2.  Schedule my workouts for this week and put them on my calendar.

3.  Log my food every day.

Until next week……


11 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday – Forrest Gump got it right!

  1. I absolutely loved your quote by Eric Hoffer. So very true. Nice job this week with the weight loss. That 2weekchallenge kicks butt.

  2. 22 inches is amazing! Way to go! And I couldn’t agree with you more – shame is not the way to make someone lose weight. It’s a way to make them want to crawl in a hole and not work for anything. Great quote!

  3. You are doing great mama, I am soo proud of you!
    I completely agree that the world needs more COMPASSION for people of all shapes, sizes, ages, gender, etc. We are soo quick to judge sometimes.
    Keep it up, I can’t wait to see where we all are this time next year.. =)

  4. WOW! 22 inches?? That is awesome!!! And thank you for posting the picture and the information on the belly project. I am going to check it out right now!
    Have a wonderful week!!!!!

  5. You are a rock star and I love you. You ate a great support to others and you’re doing awesome with your goals.

  6. 22 inches!!! That’s darn near a toddler in height! AMAZING. Set backs happen, but you’re doing better now, and a loss during the crimson tide is quite impressive. Keep up the great work!

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