Whose Kids Are These?

Sometimes I wonder just where my kids came from.


I had this conversation with my son one night this week.  I went into their room late at night because I thought I heard my daughter cry.  As soon as I stepped into the room, my son jumped up in the bed, pointing towards their TV stand with fear in his eyes.

Son:  Birds!  Birds!  Birds!

Me:  *jumping a little to the side*  What???

Son:  BIRDS!!!  *still pointing and now sitting on the end of his bed*

Me:  *looking towards his outstretched arm*  Huh??

Son:  There are birds over there!  I know, I saw it!

Me:  There are no birds in your room.

Son:  I saw it!!

Me:  How’d the bird get into your room?

Son:  *giving me a look of “How the F should I know?*

Me:  Go back to sleep.

What the hell does he dream about?  Fortunately, these conversations happen with him all of the time.  It’s definitely a source of humor.  I should really record them so that his future wife can continue to torture him about it when he has left our house.

Until next time….


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