Mamavation Monday: Intervention Needed – Apply Inside.


I’m in a mood so this update will be short.

I gained.

I lost no inches.

I’m freaking depressed about it and have already stuffed my face today.

I asked some of my friends to come and hand feed me.

I need an intervention.

What the hell is my problem?  Seriously.  Why do I self-sabotage?  What is it going to take?  How can I be a mentor to ladies that are ROCKING their own weight loss??

I am frustrated as hell with my journey and I am pissed at myself for letting my emotions once again dictate.

Aren’t I bubbly today??


8 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday: Intervention Needed – Apply Inside.

  1. Okay, don’t think for a second that this doesn’t happen to me. It does. So let’s stop beating yourself up about it. The trick to this moment is stopping the moment. Give yourself a breather and put the past in the past. It’s gone. Over. You can’t do anything about it. The ONLY thing you CAN control is the here and now. So with that you take a step forward and just breathe. If you were like Jesus walking on water, your life would be perfect, right? But you aren’t. So embrace the fact that you WILL disappoint yourself eventually time and time again and give yourself permission to move past it when it happens. The more you get used to forgiving yourself, the quicker it happens, and the easier it gets.

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself! We all do this!! I did this to myself a few weeks ago, I gained, got mad, said %&#&!^@#%(*@# it and ate my weight in chocolate…well not quite that bad but still bad enough. First of all, look at yourself and say it’s ok. JUst because you had a few slipups doesnt mean you are a horrible person. Shake it off and keep moving forward. And like Leah said, Forgive yourself!!! You are a great mentor because you are willing to be real, noone is perfect!

  3. I couldn’t agree with Leah any more…. Do you know how hard it was for me to admit I gained weight back after I graduated…. It sucked but the positive thing is you see this and you have the tools…. Go back to mamavation mom mode and keep reaching out to us… I’m in the same boat and we will paddle this river together k

  4. Oh sweetie! A gain does not mean you are not a rockstar. You ARE a rockstar and you inspire me every single day. So you stop it and realize that you are awesome!

  5. This is why you have us, babe! We sistas have been through it at one point or another, and some of us keep returning to it (I know this one personally). Take our hands and we’ll get back on track together. Looking at the other comments and knowing what you’ve meant to me, I can say, “We love you, Andrea, and we’re in this together!”

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