You Might Call It Stupid, We Call It The Law

I watched a video yesterday of the NC pastor who ranted in his sermon about what should be done to gay men and women.  I won’t go into that here (at least this time)…..but it got me thinking.  What other stupid laws are still on the books?  And since I live in Washington, I thought I would start here.

  • In Bremerton, you may not shuck peanuts on the street.
  • In Seattle, it is illegal to carry a fishbowl on a bus because other passengers may be disturbed.
  • In Lynden, both drinking and dancing cannot happen at the same place.  I am willing to bet this law is broken often.
  • Harassing Bigfoot is a felony.
  • It is illegal to pretend your parents are rich.

After seeing these, I get curious.  After living in New Orleans for many years, there has to be some dumb laws still on the books there.  And I was not wrong!

  • “Fake” wrestling matches are prohibited.
  • You could land in jail for up to 10 years for stealing an alligator.  If you survive.
  • It is illegal to gargle in public places.
  • Drive-thru liquor stores are outlawed.  But not drive-thru daiquiri shops?
  • It is illegal to be an alcoholic.
  • It is illegal to practice voodoo in the city limits of New Orleans.

What about other countries?  Closing my eyes, I choose…….Denmark.

  • If a person finds a lost child, they can claim that child as their own if the parents doesn’t show up within 2 hours.
  • It is illegal for women to wear wigs.
  • Eating  raw bacon during a full moon is illegal.
  • When driving, you must have someone in front of your car with a flag to warn horse drawn carriages that a car is coming.  Are horse drawn carriages still being used in Denmark?
  • You may not start a car while someone is underneath the vehicle.

So tell me – what is the dumbest law you have heard of?


Thanks to for providing a comprehensive list of stupid laws by state and country.





11 thoughts on “You Might Call It Stupid, We Call It The Law

  1. How can people let such laws exist? The law about your child being claimed by someone else if you don’t show up within 2 hours..blah…blah…is utterly disgusting!!

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