The Amazing Mrs. A

My baby girl’s last day of preschool was today.

The very last day of preschool.

I cried.  For those who know me personally know that this isn’t a big surprise.  It was actually more about the teacher than anything.  Mrs. A has been a part of our lives for so many years.  She was Booby Boo’s teacher, she was my niece Miss M’s teacher and she was Moo Moo’s teacher.  She is an amazing teacher and an amazing woman.  She is so sweet and so wonderful it is no wonder that people request her class and her students adore her.

Moo Moo and the amazing Mrs. A.

But now we get to look forward to kindergarten and for my son, 4th grade.


Anyway – enjoy some pictures of Moo Moo’s last program.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “The Amazing Mrs. A

  1. She’s growing up so much! I’m going to match you on tears as Ashton grows up, those milestones- sniff sniff! 🙂

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