Genius Boy

I had a post planned out but I wanted to take this opportunity to brag about my son.

Booby Boo has been a character from the very beginning.  He was always a curious little boy and he could make me smile in a second.  Now at 9 1/2, he is still curious and he is still really funny.  He is also compassionate, sensitive, sporty, intelligent…..I could go on forever.

This school year, he was accepted into the gifted program in our school district, Tessera. The program is for 3rd – 6th graders who represent the top 3% of their class.  There is a testing process they go through as well as input from their teachers.  They do a lot of high level thinking, in homework and projects.  This is exactly what Booby needs because luckily he got Dereck’s brains and needs all of that extra stimulation.

So his final project in Tessera was to do a research paper on a particular country.  His country was Russia.  And on the last day of class (Tessera ends before regular classes), they have a big party with foods from all of the countries the kids researched.  So that is what we did tonight – cooked.

We did A LOT of research and decided that we were going to make syrniki and blini.

If you know me at all, you know I am a slight control freak.  It was very hard to turn over my kitchen to Booby but I did just that.

He did all of the measuring and mixing.

After preparing the syrniki to be cooked – that is when I came back into the picture.

YUM! The finished syrniki. We all liked them.

They turned out great!  We each got a taste and even picky Miss Moo liked it!

After taking a little break, we moved on to the blini.  And we got a helper!

Booby measured and Moo Moo stirred.  And yes, in fact, they did fight the whole time.  Awesome.


After an hour of standing at the stove and cooking these things, and one minor injury, they are done!  Right before bed time.

Done! How do you like that plate?? It’s ugly and I love it. My Mom and Dad had a whole set of these things, I think.

We also made a berry compote.  Yes – a compote.  See how fancy we are?  The blini dipped in the compote….heaven!!!  So yummy.

So tomorrow Booby will take all of our foods and share them with his classmates while he gets to try all sorts of different foods too….and he is excited about it!  I never thought I would get say that because this kid was picky and stubborn.

I can’t wait to hear about it all!!

Until next time….


4 thoughts on “Genius Boy

  1. Looks delightful…and a compote? Nicely done!!! 🙂

    Way to go, lil man!!! You’ll have to make me some sometime!

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