Mystery, Costumes and Cute Boys – Oh My!

My husband and I have decided that since we are both bloggers now, we were going to dedicate one day to writing about the same topic.  I’ve chosen one random word (TV for this week) and we’ll both write something about it.

This should be interesting.

You can see his take on TV over on his blog – Wealth Of Useless Information.

My first thought was “Well, we watch too much of it!” but that makes a great post, right???  So here is a list of five TV shows that have challenged me, entertained me and made me cry (multiple times – thanks Lost!) during my adult life.

1.  Lost

This show memorized me.  Yes – even the bad season.  Even Nikki and Paulo.  I loved this show so much that it was one of those shows that I didn’t miss.  Funny story – we went to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary and on Lost day, we sat in our hotel for an hour to watch it.  The writing was spectacular, the story was amazing and you absolutely fell in love with the characters.  After an episode of Lost,  the first thing I would do is read the recap by Alan Sepinwall (he writes reviews for a lot of shows!  Check him out at Whats Alan Watching).  I wanted to see if he had the same thoughts I would, if he interpreted the mysteries the same way….all that nerdy Lost stuff.  Oh I miss this show!!

I know a lot of people got turned off by the constant questioning, the constant wondering.  And I know a lot of people were disappointed by the ending.  I know I cried like a little girl the second the show ended because I had such an attachment.

And do I even have to mention many, many scenes of a shirtless Josh Holloway??? *sigh*

2.  Dawson’s Creek

Yeah, I said it.

Pacey.  Dawson.  Joey.  I loved every single second of this love triangle.  I got into this show accidentally really.  I have a thing for marathons (I’ll watch any TV show that plays in a marathon.  I don’t know……I just will).  TBS was playing 4 episodes a day counting up to the series finale.  So I started watching it.  And I got into it.  And I loved it.

And how adorable is Josh Jackson????  He made the entire show.

3.  Fringe

I would think that after my love affair for Lost, this would be easy to understand exactly why this one is on my list.  It’s AMAZING!  The cast is magnificent (see Mr. Jackson above) and the story is so fantastic.  There is a wonderful play between two similar/different worlds that I absolutely love.  And I adore Walter.  Yes, he is a little crazy and a little (or a lot) out there…..but he is such a trip.

And I might have a little, slight girl-crush on Olivia.

4.  Game of Thrones

*sigh*  I don’t even know what to say.  I wasn’t exactly unfamiliar with these books when the show started to be promoted but I was definitely unfamiliar with the concept and the story.  When someone tells you it is based on a fantasy series, I start to lose focus, thinking of Star Wars and Star Trek.

This show is nothing like that.  I described it to someone as a story set in the middle ages with dragons.

The actors – brilliant!  The scenery – brilliant!  The story – brilliant!  Seriously – brilliant all around!

And this kid makes you hate every single living hair on his head.  Oh I can’t wait for the day he dies because that has to be coming.  Right?  No – don’t tell me!

Oh I hate him so much!

Of course, I am a huge Sean Bean fan.  I can’t say more because if you haven’t watched, it’ll spoil it and darn it – everyone should be watching!!

And since I’ve set the precedent of cute boys in each show…..Jon Snow.

Can I please just also mention Peter Dinklage?  BRILLIANT!!!!!!

5.  The Tudors

I saved this one for last because it has a special place in my heart.  Anyone that knows me knows I am a history freak.  While my focus changes often, Henry VIII, his wives and his court is the one part of history that I am always interested in.

This show was amazing!  Aside from the pure history of it, the cast was perfectly cast.  Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn?  YES!!!  She was perfect.  The costumes – to die for!!!  The settings – gorgeous!  Henry Cavill??  Sweet eye candy!

Jonathan Rhys Myers plays the tortured King and plays him well.  Maybe the two had a few things in common.

So there you go – my adult life in TV.  This list is most definitely not complete (and seems to be based on cute boys, weirdly).  I have a slight obsession with crime shows (Criminal Minds and CSI especially) and any shows that will be cancelled by season 2 (I have a gift eh?).  I also watch the dreaded genre of reality TV (The Voice, American Idol, any Food Network show) and of course, I get the “honor” of watching cartoons with my kids.

TV is a part of millions (billions?) of people’s lives every day.  And while yes, Dawson’s Creek isn’t winning any awards, it’s a show that entertains and provides an escape.  And that is what a good TV show should do.

What TV shows do you watch and love?


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