There’s No Place Like The Neighborhood

Applebee’s holds a soft spot in my heart.

It all started by an impromptu visit during a Mardi Gras parade more than 10 years ago.  The restaurant wasn’t busy and we sat next to a window where we could see the floats go by.  Our waiter was Jimmy.  Wait – I know what you are saying….”You remember your waiter??”.  Yes!  Jimmy was personable, he was funny and most of all, he seemed to care if we were happy or not.  From that day on, we went to the same Applebee’s on Friday nights and sat in Jimmy’s section.  He learned our orders, what drinks we liked and we became friendly.  Eventually, Jimmy moved and we were “given” to our second favorite Applebee’s waiter, Jen.  Like with Jimmy, we became friendly with Jen – saw her date, get married and have a baby.

After having Booby Boo, we didn’t go back to Applebee’s too often.  Every once in a while, we would pop in, say hi.  Every time we go into an Applebee’s now….Dereck and I are likely to bring up either Jen or Jimmy and wonder what they are doing now.

With two kids and a one-income family, we don’t go to restaurants too often these days.  But last night, we celebrated our anniversary with our kids at our local Applebee’s.  Our server, Sara, was awesome!  She connected with the kids right away and promised them a surprise at the end of the meal if they were good.  The surprise was actually dessert for us all in honor of our anniversary!

Sara brought up so many good memories of Jen and Jimmy and days gone by.  It was a good night!

And FYI – the Fiesta Lime Chicken?  Awesome!!

Until next time…

BTW – I am in no way affiliated with Applebees nor did we receive any free product in exchange for this post.  The free dessert was just a nice gesture.  🙂


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