30 Day Water Challenge

To me, there is nothing better on a hot summer day then a long drink of ice cold water.  I keep bottles of water in my fridge so they are nice and cold when I need them.  I have friends who add fruit to their water to give it a yummy, fresh taste.

fruit water

Photo credit theyummylife.com

We all know water is important to our survival.  But do you know just what water does for your body?

  • Water keeps your body temperature normal.
  • It helps to lubricate and cushion your joints.
  • Water helps to aid in the removal of body waste.
  • While most of the water we get is in fluid form, we can get some water from the foods we eat (celery, tomatoes, oranges and lemons are a few foods).
  • You need water to digest food and dissolve nutrients.
  • It sends electrical messages between cells so that you can move your muscles, yours eyes can see, your brain works properly, etc.

While we might be able to live for weeks without enough food….you can only live a few days without water.

So how much water do you need?  The common answer is at least 8 cups a day.  This changes based on the temperature of your environment, your activity level and even your health.

Do you get enough water?

I follow a wonderful blogger, Pepper at Pepper Scraps, who has issued a challenge to help you get in enough water.  Check out her blog post and join us in the 30 Day Water Challenge!

30 Day Water Challenge

The rules?  Drink 64 oz a day.  That’s it!!

Come on – do it for your health!

Until next time……..

Thank you to the Mayo Clinic, Dummies.com and the CDC websites for your interesting and informative articles on water consumption.





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