Happy Birthday, Superman!

If you know anything about my life…you know that this “holiday” has to be acknowledged in my household.

Happy 70th Birthday to Superman!


Photo credit forums.superherohype.com

I guess it would actually be more like a Happy Anniversary?  Either way….

On this day in 1938, Superman made his debut in Action Comics 1. This book is said to be the most valuable comic book in the world.  One copy sold for $2.16 million –  which was actually stolen from actor Nicolas Cage who is an avid comic book collector.

Action Comic 1, superman

Photo credit wikipedia.com

The story of Superman is well-known.  But did you know….

  • Superman was originally supposed to be a villain with ESP and the power of mind control. He craved world domination.
  • He wasn’t born with all of his powers. In his first comic book appearance, he could only “leap tall buildings in a single bound”.  Eventually, he was able to do just about anything.
  • He can travel through time.
  • The “S” shield logo actually means something other than Superman.  “S” is the Kryptonian symbol for “hope”.  Upside down, it means “resurrection”.
  • The gravity of Krypton, his home planet, had higher gravity than Earth which made the people stronger.  Also, the light of the yellow sun (compared to Krypton’s red sun) gives Superman additional powers.

Sources:  Little Known Facts About Superman, Wikipedia and Superheroes: Superman.

So today, let’s put on a cape and pretend to fly around and be Superman.  You know you wanna!


Photo credit batman.wikia.com

Until next time….


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