#Mamavation Monday: Figuring Things Out

Hi all.

Do me a favor?  Close your eyes.  It’s ok…just close them.  Now.  Imagine it’s Monday.  Just pretend that it is still Monday and that I am posting this on a Monday.

I have no excuse (well, not a good one) for why I am late.  OH WAIT…..we’re pretending it is Monday.  Let me start again.

Hey all – welcome to Monday!

I did pretty well all week until Saturday.  Why do the weekends screw me up so?  I didn’t get all my water in, I ate out Saturday night after the Shock game (arena football….we have season tickets) and I didn’t make great choices.  Oye.  But….I should be happy that this is all my scale said:

So it is up…….less then a pound.  My measurements stayed exactly the same too.

Sunday morning I had an email conversation with my BFF about my lack of commitment.  I have big plans and I talk big but something always holds me back.  Why?  So that is something I am thinking about this week.

I’ve also decided some things:

*I feel better on a low carb/gluten-free diet.  Whether it is a gluten sensitivity or not, I just feel better not consuming it.

*I need to figure out why I am not satisfied after sleeping.  I can sleep 9 hours and still feel like I only got 2 hours.

*I need to give up coffee at home.  I don’t think it is the coffee I am craving.  Someone told me it’s the caffeine and sugar I am craving.  And she was right!  So after my bag of coffee is gone, I won’t be buying any more…..for my house.  I will still have my Saturday morning coffee date with the BFF!!

So my goals this week are related:

  • Continue drinking my water – at least 120 oz.
  • Be in bed by 10pm.
  • Start to cut out gluten again.

I feel like I had way more to say but…..oh well.

Until next time….





2 thoughts on “#Mamavation Monday: Figuring Things Out

  1. Season tickets how fun is that?!
    I’m not sure lack of commitment fits, but there us a stumbling block there. I know you can overcome it. I have to agree with your sugar caffeine cravings, tehe 🙂 good for you giving that up.
    Don’t be so hard on yourself for little slip ups and soon they won’t be so significant. If you don’t punish yourself and say no you probably won’t find the “secret” joy in making them…like a little kid that is told no. You can do it buddy!

  2. It feels great to have a plan, doesn’t it? I had a problem with drinking too much coffee, and I’ve noticed that I sleep better now that I don’t drink it anymore. Good luck with your goals!

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