#Mamavation Monday

Monday again.  *sigh*

I had a rough weekend.  I decided to give up coffee and have been dealing with that withdrawal.  I didn’t think it would be hard but man….I was so wrong.  Today is day 4 and I am constantly craving it, I’ve had two migraines and am sick to my stomach.  Wha?!  I’m flabbergasted.  So it’s definitely been interesting.

I am always in my bloating portion of the month which explains this:

I’m not upset because it happens every month.  So I just move on to next week.

We are super busy this month with my son’s football practices every day and dinners have been have been hard to deal with.   I am hoping this week will be easier to deal with and we can get into some sort of pace and rhythm.  If you had quick dinner recipes, please, pass them along!!

Fitcation is fast approaching and I am super excited about it!!  I haven’t been to LA since I was a kid, like 7-year-old or something, and I can’t wait to meet my Mamavation Sistas in person.  Working out, sight-seeing and eating healthy!  Expect to see some posts and lots of pictures!

My goal this week – continue my coffee withdrawal.  It’s my only goal.

Hope y’all have a great week!

Until next time….


25 thoughts on “#Mamavation Monday

  1. Sooo wish I was going to Fitcation, too. 🙂 You’re going to have a great time. Ugh on the coffee, though. That caffeine withdrawal is brutal. ❤

    • So I was chosen to be an American Mom for Pete Cohen’s Weight Loss Guru program and one of the tools he has is to give up stimulants. I was already wanting to give it up…..it was just a matter of doing it. But man! It sucks!

    • I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to your yoga class Sunday!!!! I actually decide to wean by going to decaf. I was having a really tough time.

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