Mamavation Monday – Graduates


It’s Monday.  And while most Monday’s I dread waking up to jump on the scale….this day was different.  I knew I’d lost some weight and I have exciting news to tell you all about!

First, let’s take care of business.

That is -1.4 lbs down from last week.  It’s not a ton of weight but I can feel a difference in my clothes since I came home from Fitcation.  Whatever the reason, I like it!

And my measurements this week:

  • Waist – 40 in
  • Hips – 46 in
  • Bust – 42 in
  • Arm – left – 13 in
  • Arm – right – 13.5 in
  • Thigh – left – 23 in
  • Thigh – right – 22 in

So, on to my news!!

I am participating in the Mamavation Graduate campaign.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, I will post my daily food journal.  I’ll be working out everyday with special workouts.  I will be weighing and taking measurements each week.  I am paired up with another graduate, my sweet friend Hanan, and we are going to kick butt!  There are special prizes for losing too.  Start date is today and will run for 2 full campaigns.  I’ve set a weight goal – 220 lbs by Christmas.  I have absolute faith that I can do this.  You know I’ll be keeping you up to date.

Moo Moo and I spent the day grocery shopping and I have lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies lying around.  I can’t wait to show you some of the yummy recipes I have scheduled for this week too.

Tonight is the Mamavation Mom Twitter party where we will find out who the final 2 Mom are going to be.  All of the finalists are worthy so it is going to be exciting to see who is chosen.  If you are going to be around Twitter tonight from 8-10 EST, come join us.  Just follow the Mamavation hashtag.  I think you will recognize one of the panelists.

Until next time…..







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